The National Human Trafficking Hotline reports that Missouri ranks 16th in the country in the number of human trafficking cases. In 2018, there were 178 human trafficking cases reported. Juarez Insurance Agency believes that even one is far too many. Most experts suspect the numbers are much, much higher. We are committed to bringing awareness and collaborating to free individuals sexual exploitation and prostitution. The work done by Rended Heart is so important for the exploited. The story of their beginnings inspired us to partner with them. They “provide short-term accommodations, resources, and services, for the purpose of preparing the sexually exploited individual for entry into a long-term restoration or reintegration program.” We truly believe that women looking for new beginnings and more hopeful journeys need Rended Heart. If we work as a community to make this a reality for these women, we can contribute to fighting human exploitation.

For every no-obligation quote we deliver, we can donate $10 on your behalf, to lend a hand to these animals. They just need to receive a quote – no obligation to purchase.

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!