Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is a policy for business owners. It is specifically for business owners who have vehicles for business purposes. This can be one vehicle or several. As long as the vehicle or vehicles are for business purposes, then commercial insurance can apply.

In addition to vehicles, this insurance covers various employees, equipment, work gear and passengers in the vehicles. Because of this, this type of policy usually has higher coverage limits than regular auto insurance.

Does Your Business Need It?

Any business owner who owns vehicles for their business needs commercial auto coverage. Without it, you put your business at risk anytime your vehicles are on the road. Accidents happen all the time. When a business vehicle is involved, anyone hurt can potentially sue the business or the business owner. Insurance will help pay for damages and other things related to the accident.

Like traditional car insurance, you must have the minimum liability coverage for your state. Learn what your state requires, and then get the appropriate coverage.

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